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eekee: fuzzy-headed geek

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I enjoy roleplaying and webcomics and have a strong interest in open source software, these account for pretty-much my entire internet presence. Off-line I enjoy short hikes a great deal, and I love driving in a good car but driving's an expensive hobby in this country.

I'm a deep & fairly slow roleplayer, I naturally think things through to the point that it's hard not to "over-think" sometimes.

In open-source software you'll find I'm an odd combination of a zealot & a pragmatist. I'm very Greek in that respect... and I'm cutting this paragraph off before the zealot in me gets the better of my web sense.

To add a little about driving & me, I would love to say something along the lines of "doing 85mph with the roof down in the cool northern sunshine feels so good it should be illegal", only it already is. Illegal that is.